Rules of Engagement

The following Rules of Engagement, are the accepted upon ROE’s for all guilds, in all situations. The only exception to these rules are those ROE modifications allowed by the guild leaders of encounters you participate in. Be sure to read and understand those modifications and ask any questions if you have them on how they affect our standard ROE’s.

ARMOR RESTRICTIONS: Currently characters are only restricted from wearing FACTION ITEMS but can wear artifacts and modified armor and weapons.

  • DO NOT GO OOC – RP PvP engagements must be done IN CHARACTER at all times.
  • DO NOT GO TAGLESS – All combat characters should display their guild abbreviations and titles and show their allegience while actively engaging in RPvP combat. This allows, specially since orange does not equal foe (out of system guilds declare to both friend and foe), for more clear identification. KNOW THY ENEMY!
  • DO NOT PLOT BULLY – If you want to involve a person into your plot, make sure that it happens with their consent. This includes the “making” of a vampire or jailing a character to stand trial. Everything should be consentual.
  • DO NOT ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING – This means, be sure you ROLE PLAY your intentions to attack and they confirm. This includes ships out in the seas; they must be manned and you must RP your intentions prior to attacking their ships. Stealthers should use RP Community chat or ICQ to let their targets know their intentions.  Remember RP > PvP in all situations.
  • DO NOT KILL AFK’ERS – If they cannot confirm your intentions, they are considered AFK; do not engage.
  • DO NOT LOOT – Ever! Do not even look in a body or cargo hold or pack animals. Make sure to insure all your valuables.
  • DO NOT BRING YOUR GREATER DRAGONS – You are only allowed 1 pet plus a mount, and you can use upto 4 slots (a total of 4 slots). Mounts are allowed as long as it falls into these rules.
  • DO NOT RESS KILL – In fact, you should offer a resurrection if you can.
  • DO NOT RE-ENGAGE A KILLED PLAYER – You should wait a minimum of 30 minutes for the player to regroup.
  • DO NOT RE-ENGAGE AFTER BEING KILLED – You are required to wear your death robes over your armor after you recollect for 30 mins. However, for large scale battles between groups, once you are dead there is absolutely NO RE-ENGAGEMENT allowed, not on ANY of the players characters, for 24 hours. Use this time to role play injuries, role play capture, crawling on your knees to your ship, or other befitting conditions. You must remain in the area while wearing your death robe for the full 30 minutes or until your opponents exit the area entirely.

As much as we, the guildmasters of our guilds, take pride is carefully selecting applicants before adding them, it can never fully be guaranteed that a black sheep hasn’t sneaked into a guild and breaks these rules. All members are encouraged to take screen shots (specially of journals) of infractions should any arise and raise those concerns to their guild leaders in the private areas of these forums or in person (or ICQ).