RBG Captain’s Meeting [OOC] on March 4th, 8 PM EST

ordershield_smWhen: Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 @ 8 PM EST
Where: Castle British’s RBG Headquarters, South of the Castle Stables.

Official RBG Regiments and Town Guards,

With the addition of the Player Event Coordinator, we can utilize the tools give to us to work on some story-driven content for all official RBG units. With that said we would like to get together to see about creating a storyline plot that all RBG Guards can enjoy. The captain will work together to facilitate these storylines but the outcomes and interactions will be left to be organically developed. So while the general outline of the plot will be pre-planned, what players do with it will not.

This will be similar to what I did with the “Hunting Pirates” storyline for the RBG folks that participated in that story arc.




Other topics to be discussed are:
– Code of Conduct
– Highlights (To do or not to do)
– Recruitment efforts and “boot camp” events
– Social events like awards ceremonies, retirements, etc.

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