Patrol Log – Minoc 8/16/13

I arrived early at my post to a note from Lt. Baggins issuing me the tasks of the day. They were as follows:

  • Speak with the local Warrior’s Guild leader, Aelina Carter, to see what it would take to properly train the city’s drafted guards.
  • Talk to the head of the Miner’s Guild, Kendall Smith, to inquire about the city’s iron ore deposits so that can we accurately plan to provide the guards with better equipment.
  • Consult with Henrietta Marshall, the Minister of Trade, to see if we can get the blacksmiths to return to Minoc with some sort of incentive.

I set out of the RBG Headquarters in Umbra, through our moongate to Minoc. I arrived just in time for shops’ opening call. First on my agenda, Ms. Carter. Aelina Carter was born and raised in Minoc, and she has been the head of the city’s Warrior Guild for over a decade. Devoting her life to the guild, she has never married nor had children but both her nephews serve under her. She has done her best to provide the city with what defenses it needs, but without funds she’s falling short.

minoc-aelina-carter“Good morn’ Ms. Carter. I am Sentry August Rush of the RBG, Umbra Regiment at your service.” I introduced myself and she asked me to sit down across from her.

“So glad to see the Guard around the town, especially these days,” she said as we both sat.

“I’ve come to offer our assistance. As you know our Captain was born and raised right here in Minoc and still maintains his family’s estate here. The matter of the city’s current financial state is quite grave and the Captain wishes to help, as does the Crown,” I began.

“Yes, I know of Kalmar and his family very well, I do believe his niece was just recently appointed the head of the Trade and Commerce Commission of Minoc. It is very nice of him to offer his assistance, especially to Mr. Baptiste’s family,” she said.

“Indeed, our captain is a good man. Well respected,” I said before I continued, “We would like to offer training to the guards you have drafted into service here. If welcomed, that is.”

She nodded as she prepared to answer, “I am not sure many of the drafted warriors we have would take well to the extensive, vigorous training the Royal Guard would surely provide. But perhaps the basics would be better adopted?”

I paused for a moment, “I see. Well, would any of them want to serve in the Royal Guard should that be an option for them?”

“With the Great Divide, our RBG regiment I am afraid has all but been lost. Only Captain Lefleur and one of his sergeants remain. I am unsure if we were to rebuild it if there would be many that would join it; most are not too keen on the appointment of the new monarch,” she said.

“I have gathered as much myself,” I said. “I assure you that if my Captain trusts King Blackthrone that there is good reason to,” I paused before continuing, “I trust that the efforts of the remaining regiments, now matter how little, will not go unnoticed and it is my belief that the RBG will once again flourish under this King.

“I do hope so, but trust must be earned young Sentry.” She said with a demeanor that seemed discouraged.  “Let’s go over some training regiments that we can both agree on and put a plan in place to start making better use of our current resources.”

I nodded and we got to business. By end of the meeting we had a good solid set of basic combat and defense exercises that we can begin training with. Of course they were not as extensive as those I had gone through in my training but it was a great starting point.  Next I moved on to my meeting with head of the Miner’s Guild, Kendall Smith. Mr. Smith was rather new to his post and with the latest attacks at the Miner’s Camp, he’s been having a lot of trouble convincing migrant workers that the city is a safe place to do their business. He runs the gypsy camps, which are mostly filled with the families of these migrant miners, to provide them a relatively comfortable place to build their profits. Which in turns, builds the city’s profits.

minoc-kendall-smith“Lad, how many I be of service?” Kendall Smith said to me as he came up to shake my hand.

“Sir, I am Sentry August Rush of the RBG, well met.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Are you one of Captain Lefleur’s boys, laddie?” He asked.

“No sir, I hail from the Umbra regiment under Captain Kalmar Erikkson,” I said.

“Oh my yes, he was most helpful with our latest turmoil. I hear the RBG of Umbra is assembled nicely. I sure wish we could have the Royal Guards at our city limits again,” he said emphatically. “When they were around, the city was properly defended and the camps were dutifully looked after. You didn’t see any mess accumulated. People longed to come here to explore the trade thus generating our economy. Alas, those days are long gone and we’ve not any representation to this new monarch, no governor has been appointed.”

“I have noticed such. Pray what methods of communications exist with the Crown at the moment?” I asked.

“The Minister of Trade, Henrietta Marshall, works for the Crown. She is our only line of communications with them, and frankly she could be doing a better job,” he said.

“How so?” I inquired.

“Well, for one there is nothing that holds the blacksmiths to this town. The Forgery needs to subsidize some incentives to attract them here and even better ones to keep them. We used to award new apprentice blacksmiths 500 ingots each, free of charge, as a gift from the city which helped them hone their skills.  Now the Minister says we cannot afford to give incentives, but I say we cannot afford not to,” he said.

“What do the stock piles of the city look like for ingots?” I asked.

“Very scarce lately since the miners have been attacked, but still have some reserves.  I’d say if we were to get 20,000 ingots on average we could certainly help the blacksmiths and better equip our guards.” he said.

I thanked him for this information and we proceeded to have lunch at The Barnacle tavern, where the folks were most hospitable and the food was quite excellent. After lunch I parted ways with Mr. Smith, heading over to see Henrietta Marshall, the Minister of Trade. I found her counting the city’s inventory right outside her office. She was moving crates of materials around.

minoc-henrietta-marshall“Good afternoon, Miss Marshall. I am Sentry August Rush of the RBG. May I have a few minutes of your time?” I asked her.

Without even looking at me as she continued to move her crates she said, “I am very busy here, I can hardly spare a minute to have lunch. Besides I don’t really have to answer anything to you, Sentry, unless you have orders from the King for me to do so.”

“But I do,” I said as I showed her the King’s signature on our temporary jurisdiction extension for Minoc. The one he gave our captain as he volunteered to help the Crown.

She reluctantly put her crate down by her feet, “Very well then, make it quick soldier. I’vent all day!”

“Well, we’d like to know how we can go about promoting the city across Sosaria to attract more miners and blacksmiths to come work here.  Have you any ideas to how we can do that?” I asked.

“Yeah I do actually. How about killing the orcs due South or killing whatever is making them want to move into Cove and Minoc. That oughtta do it!” She mocked.

I made some notes. She crossed her arms.

“Perhaps if we offered some incentives to get them back to work here in the Mining Camp and maybe cleaning up the Gypsy Camps may render a more immediate result.” I said.

She laughed, “Look I gotta get back to work, we done here?”

It didn’t look like she was going to offer any more assistance. “That will be all for now, miss. Thank you.”

She rolled her eyes and picked up the crate at her feet.

I mounted my steed after retrieving him from the stables and headed back through the Minoc moongate to Umbra.  My report would be on the Lieutenant’s desk in the morning.



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