Operation: Safe Waters A Success!

Posted By: Ludes, The House of Ludes & Trinsic RBG, UO Catskills Reporter on March 31st, 2014 on Stratics: Catskills News

The Royal Britannian Guard hosted a voyage into the southern seas last night as part of Operation Safe Seas.

Captain Kalmar Erikkson (RBGu)  provided the use of a fine ship, bristling with cannon and other pirate hunting supplies.
Along with Piloteer Detective Robert Stadler (RBGu), they met members of the Guard at South Jhelom docks on Sunday evening.

The seas were a little choppy that night but a fair wind was blowing and visibility was clear.
The voyage started off kind of rough as Lady Belle set her cannon off prematurely,  destroying a section of the docks.


After Lady Belle received a stern tongue lashing from Det. Stadler, the voyage commenced.

With the excellent guidance of Piloteer Stadler the mighty ship fairly flew through the waves, every timber vibrating in eagerness to find and engage the pirates scourging the southern seas.

The stalwart group did not have to search long.. immediately upon entering the shipping lanes,  a pirate was spotted.


The evil fiends fought desperately, knowing no quarter would be given by the Guard. They were no match for the determination of those sworn to protect the land however.. all soon were slain.

The ill gotten loot they had collected was confiscated by the Guard and the ships burned to the waterline.

The brave peacekeepers sailed on to repeat this scene several times that evening, then voyaged to the Floating Isle to turn in the heads of the pirates and receive their bounties.

Citizens of Britannia can sleep better tonight knowing the seas are a bit safer now!



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