A Murder Report

Hear ye, hear ye!

A pirate has infiltrated our ranks and a murder has been committed. Lt. Sartok Mii, hailing from the islands of Tokuno, was found stabbed to death on the morning of August 5th. He was on guard for the prison in our Headquarters in Umbra when the murder was committed. The evident goal was to release a dread pirate we have been holding for trial on Murder in the First Degree named Peter Dudley, also known as Lone Eye Dudley.

A meeting of the Royal Guard, all chapters, is being called this Thursday eve’ at 9 PM by the Eastern skies at the Umbra Headquarters, just West of Umbra. Any and all Royal Guards are asked to attend.


Capt. Kalmar Erikkson
Royal Britannian Guard, Umbra

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