Missing Persons: Jane Moore

minoc-janemooreREPORT DETAILS

Name: Jane Moore
DOB: June 2nd, 362 BY
POB: Minoc
Age: 12
Status: Citizen
Residence: Minoc
Father: Joseph Moore
Mother: Alanis Moore
Siblings: John Moore (20), Karen Moore (17), Thomas Moore (14), Henry Moore (7)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Markings: None
Scars: Left Knee

Date Filed: 2/21/374BY
Filed By: Joseph Moore

Wearing: School Uniform (gray plaid skirt, white button blouse, long sleeve, gray sweater.)
Last Seen: 2/20/374BY around 2:30 pm in the afternoon, walking home from Minoc’s moongate.
By Whom:  Several of her school friends.


Name: Joseph Moore
Relation: Father
Date: 2/21/374BY
Oath Administered: Yes
Transcriptionist: Margaret Miller, RGoM Administration Department
Handler: Det. John Whitmore, RGoM

Det. Whitmore: “State your name for the record, sir.”

Mr. Moore: “I am Joseph Evan Moore.”

Det. Whitmore: “Very well, and you are the child’s father, correct?”

Mr. Moore: “Yes.”

Det. Whitmore: “Can you tell us the details of her disappearance?”

Mr. Moore: (nods)

Det. Whitmore: “I am going to need clear answers for our transcriptionist, sir. Can you tell us the details of her disappearance?”

Mr. Moore: “Yes, I am sorry. I can.”

Det. Whitmore: “What time would you say you first had inclinations that your daughter was missing?”

Mr. Moore: “Yesterday, at around 2:30 pm. Her mother and I did not see her at the stop where all her other schools friends meet their parents.  Normally it is just Alanis that picks her up, but I was home early that day from work, so I accompanied my wife.”

Det. Whitmore: “And how long did you wait there?”

Mr. Moore: “About 15 minutes, before I started to alert the other parents and asking their children some questions.”

Det. Whitmore: “And which children did you speak to?”

Mr. Moore: “Young Krystal Cooper, who is my daughter’s closest friend in school, Luis Montavo, Jason Kirkland, and Tori Hendricksen.”

Det. Whitmore: “Their parents would be?”

Mr. Moore: “Krystal’s mother is Joann Cooper, lives in North Minoc. Her husband died in the war, so she’s a single mother.  Luis’ parents are Darby and Manuel Montavo. Jason’s parents are Kitty and Joe Kirkland. Tori’s parents are Helen and Craig Hendricksen.”

Det. Whitmore: “Thank you.  And what did the children have to say?”

Mr. Moore: “Well, they normally all walk together from the moongate to the stop to meet us parents. But my daughter, and I have told her a thousand times over, likes to visit the sea sometimes just north of the moongate. This was one of those days.”

Det. Whitmore: “Did she do that often?”

Mr. Moore: “Not without getting into trouble for it.”

Det. Whitmore: “Just trying to figure out if it was routine of her to do so, something that someone might have picked up on.”

Mr. Moore: (sighing deeply) “I just can’t imagine what anyone would want with my little girl. We’re not rich folk here in Minoc, we’re a miner’s town.”

Det. Whitmore: “I understand sir. Trust in the Guard. We’re doing everything we can to find her. We’ve put out an All Points Bulletin for her across all the RBG regiments.”

Mr. Moore: (clearly loosing his composure) “I so love my children, and our family is in anguish. We must find her! I do thank you and Capt. Lefleur for all you are doing to help.”

Det. Whitmore: (puts a hand on the man’s shoulder) “We’ll do our very best to bring her home. Right now, just be with your wife and children. Posters are going up within the hour.”

Mr. Moore: “Gov. Erikkson has also been so kind. Her uncle and I go back a long while.  I am sure his regiment will be helpful as well.”

Det. Whitmore: “Do not fret, I am sure all the regiments will be out in full force looking for little Jane.”  (looking to Margaret) “Transcript can end.”

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