Meeting of the Minds

ordershield_smLast night the RBG regiments came together at the capital to figure out our next move in regards to the missing merchant ship, the USS Odyssey.  Lord Arthur Morais is a noble of the capital city thus the Crown is very interested in his safe return to the King’s court… when and if he’s found … as well as the safety of the citizens that are at the Lord’s employ that hail from various cities throughout the Kingdom.  Understanding that our efforts have been focused on finding our missing monarch, we cannot ignore the safety of our citizens.  Our King would not want that.  So we must press on to search for the Odyssey and its crew.

uss-odysseyThe USS Odyssey is a large, class A Britannian Ship that carries a crew of 14, plus its Captain, Lord Arthur Morais.  It flies the Britannia Standard for all registered, thus protected, merchant ships that operate in the Kingdom’s seas. The crew list is as follows:

» Capt. Lord Arthur Morais, Baron of Britain
» First Lt. Ralph Downer of Trinsic
» Chief Engineer Hugh Jendryng of Skara Brae
» Chief Stewart Lady Gilda Bennett of Trinsic 
» Second Mate Andrew Taylor of Britain
» Third Mate Thomas Morley of Vesper
» Able Seaman Peter Jackmann of Trinsic
» Able Seaman Arthur Howard of Skara Brae
» Sealady Susan Goode of Jhelom
» Deckman Alan Roberts of Jhelom
» Decklady Martha Cole of Britain
» Second Engineer Lewis Goode of Jhelom
» Third Engineer Morys Rede of Umbra
» Steward Oliver Obelyn of Umbra
» Chief Cook Joanna Malyns of Trinsic

corgul-pirate-bannerWe have a good lead from a small artisanal fisher boat that saw a large ship with a bunch of what looked like prisoners shackled leaving the scene of a scuttle.  They managed to change course and stay undetected and hurried home to Trinsic.  From their descriptions, the large pirate ship flew a flag that is awfully similar to the soulbound pirates that make up the crew of Corgul’s forces.  Corgul’s army is vast and strong, a very recognizable standard for most sea dwellers; one they try to avoid at all costs.  But a ship the size of the Odyssey would have issue to escape from the grasp of one of Corgul’s monster-sized pirate ships.

The fishermen went straight to the city of Britain to report what they saw, as Britain houses the headquarters for merchant trade. Lt. John Anderson took their names and statements.  The men were sent home to their home land in Trinsic and told to dry dock until further notice. Their crew list is as follows:

» Master Giles Isley, Boat Operator
» Fisher Esmour Mauntell, Net Operator & Sea Charter
» Fisher Thomas Isley, Net Operator
» Fisher Philip Bradshawe, Keeper & Handler

It was agreed between the brothers and sisters in arms in attendance that a full crew list would be provided to all regiments, and that a search for the location of the mysterious island that Corgul calls home should start with the locals of each city.  Corgul has a reputation and I am sure many of the locals, especially those that make a living off the sea, would be able to give us clues to their whereabouts.   Meanwhile, the reward for 25,000 crowns to anyone that has information is sure to help folks be inclined to be… well… more helpful.  Meanwhile Lt. John Anderson of the RBG of Britain will ensure the families are kept informed of our progress to find their loved ones.

*sighs*  So much to do, so little time.  With this and the Xanthus issue, and now our missing King… we at the RBG have our hands full.


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  1. *a conversation between brothers*

    Giles Isley: “Tommy, you know we’ve been told not to go out there until given the okay. Those pirates might still be out there!”

    Thomas Isley: “I don’t give a crap, Gil. How are we supposed to feed our families? They depend on our fishing to survive.”

    Giles: *sighs* “If we go out, we’ll have to stay local. We can put out some nets, catch local fish.”

    Thomas: “That’s not worth a pearly damn. We need the open sea, Gil!”

    Giles: “And what happens if we’re caught by those soul sucking pirates?!?! Then what will become of our families?”

    Thomas: *minutes of silence* “We’re not like Phil and Esmour, they have other trades to fall back on, Gil. Phil’s wife runs the kitchen for the Guild, so he’ll be more likely able to pitch in and make decent gold for his time there. And Esmour, well he’s a mapmaker by trade… he can sell his sea charts.”

    Giles: “I know, I know.”

    Thomas: “We have no choice, we must fish.”

    Giles: *rubs his face* “Fine but we can’t involve Phil and Es. If its true they have other means to make a living, let them stay in the safety of such a living. However, I will not go out to deep sea, Tommy. Not risking it. Staying near Trinsic.”

    Thomas: “Fine. Let me get the boat ready. Is it in the bay still?”

    Giles: “Yes she waits where she always has. Let me have a quick chat with Ann. She’s going to want to know we’re heading out.”

    Thomas: “That woman is so demanding! Helena isn’t that way.”

    Giles: “Well that’s probably why Helena is your third wife, brother.” *grins*

    Thomas: “Oh you think you’re so clever.” *chuckles* “I’ll be out by the boat.”

    The Isley Brothers are two of four witnesses to the possible sighting of the crew of the USS Odyssey on board a large pirate ship. It is our only lead to the whereabouts of the Lord’s crew. Some RBG regiments might be apt to further question the witnesses. They can be found Wednesday, April 23rd, at 8 PM EST around and about the city of Trinsic. Might be worth it to some to have a chat with them.

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