Letter to the King from Capt. John Anderson

Letter to King Blackthorn
Castle Blackthorn, Secretary Offices
City of Britain, Kingdom of Britannia

My esteemed liege,

The statement summary of the persons involved in the investigation that would not be able to attend the Inquiry you have posted are enclosed below. Unfortunately, Amelia Watanabe and Emiko Watanabe were called off to the city of Moonglow at the alert of grave illness that has befallen their mother, Karen Masterson Watanabe.

In attendance on behalf of the Royal Britannian Guard in an official capacity:
Capt. John Anderson, RBGB
Rg. Tserim Arryth, RBG of Skara Brae, Rangers of Spiritwood
Lt. Barnaby Baggins, RBGU

In attendance on behalf summons as material witnesses in the above referenced investigation:
Armand de Romanus, Baron of Britain
Merida Douglas Romanus, Baroness of Britain

Not attendance but issued summons as material witnesses in the above referenced investigation:
Amelia Watanabe
Emiko Watanabe
(to be later deposed)

Summary of Events:

Mr. and Mrs. Romanus are close, very close, friends with Emiko Watanabe, a citizen of Britain born of Moonglow residing in Umbra, age 21. Emiko reported her sister missing to the couple, who took her to file a Missing Persons Report with the city of Umbra, the RBG regiment there. Amelia Watanabe is also a citizen of Britain, born in Britain as well, residing in Umbra with her sister, age 20 as of today, August 3rd.

Baron and Baroness Romanus consulted their friend and psychic seer, Astoria. Astoria reveals a general location to the Baron and Baroness after touching some of Amelia’s clothing, south of Skara Brae is envisioned; a small pond, with a bridge and a statue. The Romanus’ head there on mount and start to search for the young lady. When they find her, they find her in the general company of an older lady. The Baron and his wife assess that Amelia is terrified and begin to talk to her, in a soothing voice. Baroness Romanus explains to us that it had been Xanthus Razele that had originally taken Amelia, torturing her into her current state of confusion; head trauma causing bouts of amnesia.

Baron and Baroness Romanus report that the lady encountered was immediately hostile toward them which only served to heighten Amelia’s anxiety and panic. Baron Romanus stated that he did introduce himself to the elder as the Baron of Britain and introduced his wife. Baroness Romanus’ primary focus was attempting to calm the young lady. The Romanus’ firmly state that the elder woman did not ask any questions in regards to their relation to Amelia or anything of the young lady herself and insisted on an accusatory tone and threatening the Baron and his wife with brute force, nearly unsheathing her kryss and taking a warring stance. They did not know the woman or why she was there; she did not introduce herself. In an effort to quell Amelia’s heightened distress, Baroness Romanus gated herself, Amelia, and her husband out to West Umbra. Amelia entered the gate willingly, scared that the elder woman was, “like Xanthus”. The Baroness stated that Amelia was never forced to go into the gate.

The Baron states that later on they were informed that the woman was Katherine Elle of the Olympus Guardians, but maintains at the time he did not know or recognize her at the time of the incident.

<End of Summary>

I shall amend my report when I include the statement of Miss Amelia Watanabe and Miss Emiko Watanabe, to ensure that not only did Amelia willingly go with the Baron and Baroness, thus effectively squashing any suspicion of kidnapping, but also to find out more about how she got there and what was said to Katherine Elle before the arrival of the Baron and his wife.

Sire, on a personal note. Our endeavor in the RBG is protect and serve. And in that pursuit, we should strive to cooperate with one another whenever possible. I do believe that the RBG of Skara Brae should have reached out directly to either the RBG of Britain, as Baron Romanus did introduce himself to the woman as being a Royal of your Court here in Britain, or the RBG of Umbra, as that is where the Baron and his wife reside, to question them before alerting the Governors of these matters. These matters should be first handled by us as your Law Enforcement chapters, and if we cannot agree then it should be escalated. If Katherine Elle made a report to the Rangers of Spiritwood, then she would have told them that the Baron and Baroness introduced themselves to her… which could have led them to either RBGB or RBGU, easily.

Signed dutifully,

Capt. John Anderson
RBG of Britain


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