Letter to the King from Capt. John Anderson

Letter to King Blackthorn
Castle Blackthorn, Secretary Offices
City of Britain, Kingdom of Britannia

My esteemed liege,

The statement summary of the persons involved in the investigation that would not be able to attend the Inquiry you have posted are enclosed below. Concluding with the young lady in question, Amelia Watanabe (known as Iona) and her elder sister Emiko Watanabe.

In attendance on behalf of the Royal Britannian Guard in an official capacity:
Capt. John Anderson, RBGB
Rg. Mylar Tyrmitore, RBG of Skara Brae, Rangers of Spiritwood

In attendance on behalf summons as material witnesses in the above referenced investigation:
Amelia Watanabe
Emiko Watanabe

Summary of Events:

Emiko Watanabe: Miss Emiko stated that the last anyone heard from Amelia she had mentioned that she was going shopping in Luna. Naturally after some time, they began to search for her. After searching for her for some time, she enlisted the help of the Baroness Merida de Romanus and her husband, the Baron Armand de Romanus. They assisted Miss Emiko in filing a Missing Persons Report at the RBG unit in Umbra. The Baron and Baroness enlisted the help of their friend and psychic, Astoria. The psychic described the area near Skara Brae, where a small pond with a bridge. The Baron and Baroness set forth on their mounts to find the location.

Amelia Watanabe: Miss Amelia, as part of her torture at Razele’s hand, had grown to believe that her name was Iona. She was beaten if she answered to anything else.  It was apparent that her abuse ran the course of many more details than just her name, he tried to erase her entire history in an effort to hide her in plain sight.  Miss Amelia revealed during her testimony that she was being utilized to secure a position within the RBG of Skara Brae, the Rangers, to spy on them for Razele.

Of the day she was found by the Baron and Baroness, she states that she returned to the Skara Brae house where Razele had stashed her only to find it gone. When asked why she would return there, she answered that she would be hurt if she did not.   She waited there and goes on to say that a lady came by and asked her if she had seen anyone else pass by lately.  When she answered, the lady said she should not be in the woods alone.  She replied to the lady that she could not leave, but apparently the lady just kept saying that she couldn’t stay there.  I asked if she told this lady her name, she states she could not remember.  She also stated that she did not remember whether the lady stated her own name to her.  The lady is now identified as Katherine Elle, Senator of the city of Olympus.

It was at that point that the Baron and Baroness came into view on their mounts.  Amelia states that at first she didn’t immediately recognize Merida, but that her sister Emiko had brought her around before to meet their mother.  Merida is Emiko’s best friend.  The lady there, Senator Elle, told the Baron and his wife that they had to leave the area and that her weapon was all the authority she needed.  When asked if the first lady had threatened the Baron and Baroness with force, she stated that she did in fact threaten with deadly force.  Amelia states that Armand did identify himself and his wife to the lady as courtier of Britain’s court. At that point Merida told her about her connection to her sister, Emiko. So Amelia went with the Baroness, the Baron following close behind.

I specifically asked the young lady if the Baroness and/or the Baron even force her to go with them, she states that they did not force her.  When Rg. Tyrmitore asked her if she would have referenced her name to be Iona, she said yes because that would be easier for her to remember at that moment.  I presented to Amelia a certified copy of her birth certificate, asked her if that information was true and correct to which she replied yes with a slight smile of relief.  I also presented her with here Citizenship Certificate from the city of Britain, asked her if she still maintains citizenry with that city… she said yes.

Rg. Tyrmitore informed us during the deposition that there was a dangerous man in the woods the eve’ in question and that Senator Elle had been trying to assist them.

<End of Summary>

This would conclude my report to your office, my liege.   In closing, the girls seem fine to me… recovering from the horrors this young girl suffered at the hands of Xanthus Razele, but making great progress.  I see no reason to pursue this matter further.  Clearly the accusations against the Baron and his wife, and against Governor Romanus, were misappropriated. With a little inquiry and some cooperation between RBG units, this could have been easily resolved.


Signed dutifully,

Capt. John Anderson
RBG of Britain


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