Homicide: Eliza Patrick

crime-scene-tape-706717REPORT DETAILS

Name: Eliza Patrick
DOB: Sept. 1st, 359 BY
POB: Nu’jelm
Age: 15
Status: Citizen
Residence: Nu’jelm
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Dark Green
Skin: Fair
Markings: None
Scars: None
Discovered: City of Umbra
Date: 2/27/374BY


Name: Merida Romanus
Relation: Discoverer
Date: 2/27/374BY
Oath Administered: Yes
Transcriptionist: Ellen Page, RBGu Administration Department
Handler: Det. Robert Stadler, RBGu


Det. Stadler: “To have it on record, could you please state your full name?”

Mrs. Romanus: (with a Scottish accent and an air of pridefulness) “Merida Ann Douglas Razele de Romanus, Baroness of Britain & Venice”

Det. Stadler: “Any other last names we wish to add to the list?”

Mrs. Romanus: (flat look) “How long can I go?”

Det. Stadler: (sighs) “At what time did you discover the bodies would you say?”

Mrs. Romanus: “At 10:43 in the eve’.”

Det. Stadler: “Exactly at 10:43 pm?”

Mrs. Romanus: “Did I stutter? Maybe its the accent, I’ll speak slower if you’d like?”

Det. Stadler: “That will be fine, Miss.”

Mrs. Romanus: “Mrs. Thank you.”

Det. Stadler: “Very well, Mrs…. Romanus. Who else was with you at the time of the discovery?”

Mrs. Romanus: (putting one finger to her chin, thinking) “Well our tavern was busy that night, so there was quite a lot of folks around.  I know that Tobias Cardont of the Rangers of Spiritwood was also there, with a few from his crew. Ohhhh, and the Doctor.”

Det. Stadler: “Doctor?”

Mrs. Romanus: “The Romanus’ personal physician, Dr. Vandion Jones.”

Det. Stadler: “How convinient.”

Mrs. Romanus: “It sure was.”

Det. Stadler: “What was your first observation?”

Mrs. Romanus: “You mean besides the cut up body parts of young girls at our door step?!?”

Det. Stadler: “I’ll bite, yes besides that.”

Mrs. Romanus: “Well, as the Director of a School and Orphanage, Detective, what do you think my reaction was?!?!”

Det. Stadler: “If you keep answering my questions with more questions, we’ll be here all night.”

Mrs. Romanus: “Then ask the right questions.”

Det. Stadler: (takes a deep breath) “Was there anything that stood out at you besides the obvious heinousness of the crimes?”

Mrs. Romanus: (hesitating) “Umm…”

Det. Stadler: “Mrs. Ro–”

Mrs. Romanus: (cutting the Detective off mid-word) “Alright, alright… just trying to remember. What stood out was the blackrock particles that seemed to be everywhere. I took a shard from the center of the pile of body parts for closer examination.”

Det. Stadler: “Blackrock you say?  And you would know this how?”

Mrs. Romanus: “Why does everyone continously have to ask me that?

Det. Stadler: (blank look)

Mrs. Romanus: “I was adopted by Va’lis Razele.  He’s been known to toy around with the explosive properties of blackrock.  I learned from him about it.”

Det. Stadler: (makes a few notes, taking some time)

Mrs. Romanus: (starts to feel uneasy) “But, do I think it was my father? No. I do not. He’s not the type to go after children.”

Det. Stadler: “What makes you think he was not involved?”

Mrs. Romanus: “He has an alibi.  He was with his students all evening, back in Moonglow giving a lecture on spellweaving. Many people saw him.”

Det. Stadler: (making further notes) “Did you package the evidence yourself or did Dr. Jones?”

Mrs. Romanus: “I did, in his presence.”

Det. Stadler:  “Is there anything else that you found odd or of particular interest about the scene?”

Mrs. Romanus: “No. Nothing.”

Det. Stadler: “Thank you Miss— Mrs. Romanus for coming in.  Please note that we reserve the right to recall you or subpeana you as a material witness to this case.”

Mrs. Romanus: (standing up) “Right. Can I go now?”

Det. Stadler: “You may.  Miss Page, you can stop the transcript.”




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