Kalmar Erikkson


Full Name: Kalmar Erikkson
Rank: Captain
Origin: Minoc
Birthday: July 3rd
Age: 54
Race: Human
Affliction: None
Mate: Kayla Armstrong Erikkson
City: Umbra

Kind, warm, very friendly but very stern, Kalmar is a strict by-the-books kind of Captain.  He takes his work very seriously and often works extra hours to ensure the safety of his charge. The townfolk of Umbra and of Luna as well know him very well and receive him with appreciative kindness. He’s well liked by all. The Crown trusts him explicitly and often seeks his counsel on matters of politics.  His wife, Kayla, is an Ambassador for the Crown and two of her sons also serve in the RBG. Kalmar’s niece Ariana, who he has raised himself after his brother’s death, works for the Ambassador’s office in Britain and lives with her aunt in the house the family owns near Britain.  Kayla’s younger children also live in the home with her — 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. The family travels back and forth from their home in Umbra to their home in Britain quite often.  Kalmar’s familial estate, the home of his father, is in Minoc and the family will often vacation there. They are a happy, perfectly blended family and bring Kalmar a lot of joy and stability; he’s very much a family man.

Kalmar is tall, standing a full 6’4″ and has auburn hair and goatee; very much a Viking. His eyes are a deep blue color. He has a strong build, keeps it that way by regular training, and is very healthy for his age. He has several scars, one on his left thigh inflicted upon him by the Pirate Hawkeye Pike which left him walking with a stick to steady himself for quite a while. During the colder winters, this injury will act up and he’ll be seen with his walking stick once again.