August Rush

Full Name: August Rush
Rank: Sentry
Origin: Skara Brae
Birthday: August 22nd
Age: 21
Race: Human
Affliction: None
Mate: None
City: Umbra

August is friendly, smart, and very fair.  He also is detail oriented; which makes his reports a long read. But he leaves no stone unturned.

August has long reddish brown hair and has green eyes. He has a slightly above average build and a small scar above his left eyebrow.

August was born on August 22nd in the town of Skara Brae. His mother, Evangeline, named him after the month of his birth, as she did his sisters June and April. As the middle child of a family of three, he often felt a bit left out. The accomplishments of his older sister June as a lawyer for the Britain Courts often overshadowed his own. April is the baby of the family, a full ten years younger than he. She is still in school and demands a lot of her parent’s attention.

August’s father, Peter is a trained animal handler as was his grandfather. He had hoped that August would take up the profession and come to work for the Skara Brae Stablers, but August dreamed of seeing the world. The Royal Guards was the vehicle that would take him there. His parents were not thrilled of the idea of their only son going into the military, especially after the events that put Lord Blackthorn at the Crown. Very few citizens had any trust in this new monarch. But August was fully grown, and there was little influence his parents could assert with him.

August trained at Serpent’s Hold, one of the most extensive training facilities in all of Britannia, and he had hoped to be able to serve the Crown as a floater. Floaters get moved around from regiment to regiment where they are needed most. In return, soldiers that served as floaters were usually front runners for promotions and they got to see the world, serving all the regiments. August had gotten his wish.

But that life proved hard and after serving in Trinsic and Moonglow, August wanted something more permanent. Lieutenant Barnaby Baggins was visiting Moonglow one evening and they struck up a conversation. The Lt. was impressed with this young Sentry and saw much potential in him. He submitted this information to Capt. Kalmar Erikkson, head of the Umbra regiment. After a few interviews, the Capt. offered August a permanent position in the Umbra regiment. August accepted.