Breaking the Illusion

crystal_brazierAfter interviewing the witnesses in Trinsic,  the regiments got together and formulated a plan of action. We on our part went back to gather as much information as we could on the supposed lore of Corgul himself.  We found out that the one thing he most desires is to recover his late wife’s jewels which during his life he had buried deep in a chest.  But now with the curse that had been placed upon him, he couldn’t remember where.  Much of his memory had been stolen from him; only bits and pieces remain.  Corgul was cursed to seep the life force of the living souls that come in contact with him.  For that price, he was given command of the seas and the bound lifeless souls that do his bidding.

To entice him, he demands treasure maps be sacrificed… many of which he had drawn up himself.  Corgul has been a studious pupil in the art of Cartography and had exceedingly acquired many old treasure maps from captains long gone. When he was cursed, his belongings were scattered to the winds and his wife and children were murdered.  He was forced to watch the decapitation of his family one by one.  It is that rage that lives within him, deep within him, that makes him so dangerous. This according to various lore that the townsfolk have shared with us.

corgul-inactionThe people we’ve talked to have pointed us to a sacred pillar that hides about in the depths of Covetous where sacrifices can be made in return for a location map.  Its our guess that the map is the map to Soulbinder Island.  Its a trick of course, Corgul uses such devices to feed his power by having unsuspecting mortals desperate to find treasure.  Instead Corgul drains their life force and binds them to him. Thus a large group will be needed.  The more soldiers we go in with the more his power is drained.

I will send word to all available RBG regiments for assistance.  My hope is that we accomplish one of two things… we either a) find the crew of the Odyssey and free them, bringing them home to their families… or b) find the remains of the crew to give their families closure.  *sighs*  I am hopeful for A.

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