Benambra’s Trail: A Royal Order

mission-sept2013-aA royal call to arms came through our office this morning. I was summoned to a meeting with Investigator Thorpe later that afternoon, so I hobbled my way over to Lord Blackthorn’s castle to meet with him. He spoke to me about the mission at hand, which is to investigate the disappearance of Menli, the Adept. We are to assist the Followers of the Spirit of Energy in recovering an important artifact that has been the source of the Energy’s power. This artifact is sought after by the evil Benambra, a 300 year old adventurer and collector of rare treasures. It is believed that he suffered a great tragedy that has turned him over to the dark arts.

I will send my best men to the area of Terra Sanctum to investigate and ask questions. As soon as get the necessary information, I can submit a full report to the Crown.

mission-sept2013-b mission-sept2013-c



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