All Points Bulletin: Dread Pirate Lone Eye

piratehunt-search1Tonight we headed over to the tavern at the Lair to meet up with Captain Enzo. Our own Captain had left word with the Governor that we sought the assistance of the city’s naval fleet in searching for Dread Pirate Lone Eye. We were given a description of the man, his ship, and the markings on his sails and flags. We were also armed with a signed Warrant by the King himself now all we needed was a sturdy ship and a capable captain. And tonight that was Captain Enzo.

The fee for his services was steep, $5,000 gold but his ship certainly looked worth it. After needed preparations, we were gated to the South Jhelom Docks, which apparently the Governor has long-standing leases to. Once we finished registering with the Harbor Master, we proceeded to board the ship as our Captain gave us directions on any evasive maneuvers he would need to take. He armed each of us with the necessary supplies to man our cannons and taught us the methods he would be using to fire the cannons and gain the most bang for our buck, quite literally.

piratehunt-scuttlestinkypowderThese waters were filled with pirates he said, and we would need to out-sail any that didn’t give us what we sought or face being scuttled ourselves. We set out of the port in South Jhelom in search of our foe. Indeed we ran into many pirate ships out in the open seas, but our Captain was quite the expert in outrunning them. The ship was fast and sailed strong.

After searching for nearly two hours, finding no trace of our objective, we came upon a ship that similar flags and sail markers as those of our target. We saw a woman was the captain of the ship and her crew was firing upon us with the intent to scuttle us. Captain Enzo taught us to fire off one side of our cannons while he came about and flipped us over to the other side putting our other set of cannons is direct line. We fired them off! Soon the ship was run aground and water was starting to pour in. We knew we could tie off the mooring line and hoist ourselves onboard. A hefty battled ensued!

Lieutenant Baggins used his formidable magic to envelop the crew, easily making way to the Dread Pirate herself. Around him the crew, weak and starved, easy fell upon my kryss with little effort. A few times the pirate got a shot at me with her arrow… scathingly missing my torso. Captain Enzo jumped into battle and with our combined efforts we were able to subdue the woman.

piratehunt-arreststinkypowderAs I arrested her and the Captain dragged her over to the shackle post, Lt. Baggins asked her her name. She replied with her pirate name, Stink Powder Heather. What a name! Lt. Baggins was on her, asking her questions. I kept my kryss swift at her back with one arm around her neck… she tried to squirm and break free of her shackles, but I warned her by digging my kryss in ever so so she could feel it that this would be a bad move.

She kept dogging the questions, even asked us to let her go and drop her off at Buccaneer’s Den. That seemed like something we should take notice of. We debated if we should go to Buc’s, search around, but alas we decided to turn her into the jailor Officer Otto at the Atoll, the Crown’s Sea Port. Our Captain can retrieve the prisoner later for further interrogations. I am almost sure she knows where Lone Eye might be, but it will take some finesse to get it out of her. Something Lt. Baggins is quite known for.


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