About RBG of Vesper


The Royal Britannian Guard of Vesper is a inclusive chapter of the Knights of Solamnia (K^S) that was founded by Rodan because he heeded the call to form a Regiment from Commander Kanlocke (EM Kasaven) and many of the members were interested in forming a naval unit and engaging in light role play. The regiment was inducted and known as the “Vesper Guard”.  As a member, if you want a specific character to carry the Vesper Guard title we grant that character a title, which in a Story Arc or EM Event, we would expect that character to show up and represent.


Vesper Guard Territory

Vesper Guard Territory

Vesper covers a large area of land. All the main roads and bridges and surrounding areas of the city are included in our jurisdiction. From the Bucaneer’s Den Gate to the Beach in Vesper and Minoc’s Bridge down to the Vesper Bridge. We and the Minoc RBG overlap in some areas which only serves our citizens even more.  As we share a moongate with Minoc, our two regiments can be often found sitting side by side in their patrols.


The members of K^S form what we like to refer to as a family.  We’re family oriented and attempt to conduct ourselves in all manners with respect for each other and for any player that encounter on our beloved Catskills shard. K^S is largely considered a Leader on the Catskills Shard as it boasts many members with many varying play styles. The Vesper Guard is an initiative that we work hard at to continue to provide for our members.


While K^S is not generally considered a “role playing” guild,  we have members that have interests in dabbling in the RP genre.  It is for them that the Vesper Guard was created and continues to flourish today.


The Vesper Guard does not have many ranks.  The Captain is the person that interfaces with the Crown (Event Managers) and organizes the rest of the membership to execute the orders of the Crown.

  • CAPTAIN — The Captain is in charge of the entire association. They answer only to the Royal Commander (part of the RBG RP theme and played by the EM’s). No one can apply for this title as they are the stoneholder. Currently, Bytor serves as Captain.
  • VESPER GUARD —  All other members of K^S that wish to be included in the Vesper Guard, can request to have this title as their guild titles.


The Vesper Guard chapter of K^S wears normally blue and white colors to signify their membership in the guild but we are working towards getting an official uniform soon enough.


Members of the Vesper Guard are expected to band together to ensure the safety of not only the citizens of Vesper, but our Kingdom. If there is a threat in Vesper, we get together and do our best to take care of it. For EM events and story arcs, we expect members that are available to assist and help with those events and arcs.


To join the Vesper Guard, you must first be a member of K^S and to join that guild you must contact Wild or Bytor for more information.