About RBG of Luna


This unit serves in close collaboration in an alliance with the Umbra Guard. It was established by permission of the King at the suggestion of Captain Kalmar of the Umbra Guard for the purpose of extending the law to both cities of Malas. It is a primary guild, most active daily between early afternoon and sometimes late into the night, and is actively looking for well qualified cadets interested in joining this, one of the King’s combat units.

The unit is currently led by Captain Alfonso, a citizen of Vesper and resident of Luna. Second in command of the unit is Commander Clara Oswn Oswld. Third in command of the unit is Lieutenant Commander Sir Galihand. We also have a staff of civilian volunteers, such as our medical examiner, public liaison, and multiple unit armorers. Additionally we have tall ships at our disposal.


RBG of Luna Territory Map

RBG of Luna Territory Map

The LRBG serves the citizens west of the Broken Mountains to the immediate suburbs of Luna proper. We patrol the sole road and the city frequently. Whether our services will be extended to the mountainous regions east of Luna remains to be determined.


There are many ranks within the RBG of Luna that you can strive for. Always remember that our top-end report is the Royal Commander, who serves the Crown and has ultimate authority over all chapters.

  • CAPTAIN —  Lord Alfonso serves as Captain and stoneholder/guildmaster for the LRBG regiment.
  • COMMANDER — This position is appointed by the Captain only.
  • CIVILLIAN TITLES — Receptionists, Secretaries, Records Keepers, Court Reporters, Legal Counsel… just about anything you’d like to role play as part of a “police department” that you feel would be fun to play.


LRBG members do not have a required uniform. However, our colors are essentially the same as the Umbra Guard, black and red. We strongly encourage members to fly these colors, especially officers, as well as guild tags and ranks when representing the unit at EM events and the Governor’s events in the various cities.


This unit is at the King’s disposal and the disposal of our alliance for whatever we may be called upon to do. Members are expected to follow story arc lines and events on the shard, and to play their characters in a role playing style. We do not require members to have the SA or High Seas expansions, but it is strongly recommended. Attendance at audiences with the EM, the King, EM Events, and Governor’s Events is strongly encouraged. Members can be active any time of day, but we are most active from early afternoon sometimes into the late evening east coast time. We have a public headquarters building in a tower just south of the Abyss Bridge outside Luna City. Members will be given formation runes and are expected to check the bulletin board inside often. The public is also welcome.


To join this unit, contact any of the officers mentioned already in game. Our headquarters is a good place to look for us. We’ll have a chat and see if we can work together, or we’ll find a better home for you. We are particularly interested in players that can support the shard storylines and enjoy PvM, dungeon crawls, and champ spawns.