Royal Britannian Guard


Every kingdom needs its lead warriors, its Knights, to guard the rulers and defeat enemies of the state on the field of battle. Britannia’s Knights were initially known as the Order of the Silver Serpent. The Order of the Silver Serpent was a monastic order, sworn to protect the King of Britannia, Lord British. They were often seen as the closest and most deviant protectors of the crown. The order was also featured in the single-player Ultima games. Their derived their name from the Silver Serpent, the symbol of the realm.

The Order was often found in Ultima Prime, the single-player games upon which UO is based. Known members included Geoffrey and Dupre. The Order was traditionally housed, and trained, in Serpent’s Hold. Eventually, for reasons that were never quite clear (though there were hints that it was some kind of copyright issue), the Order’s name had to be changed to the Royal Knights. Eventually it was called the Royal Britannian Guard.

On some Shards, the Order of the Silver Serpent and the Royal Britannian Guard are player guilds that seeks to carry on the tradition.

Player Ran Theme

The Royal Britannian Guard (RBG) is a multi-shard role playing theme. The structure is different from server to server, but it is EM sponsored and managed much in the same way.

Participating Servers

  • Catskills
  • Chessapeake
  • Europa
  • Great Lakes
  • Atlantic
  • Sonoma


The Regiments

RBG of Umbra (RBGU)

The Umbra chapter of the RBG is ran by members of the Children of Darkness guild as an independent guild, part of the RBG Alliance of Catskills.  Its Captain is Kalmar Erikkson, played by the esteemed Lady Pandora de Romanus of Catskills — leader of the Children of Darkness guild. Our Headquarters are located just outside of the city of Umbra past the West Bridge. Umbra citizens are grateful to the Captain and his crew for the defense of their city and show it every day.  They are very friendly people and recognize a lot of the members of RBGU as friends and family.

RBG of Minoc (RGoM)

The Minoc chapter of the RBG was started in 2010 and never got to be fully inducted before the “Great Divide”.  Its Captain is Julian Lefleur, played by the prominent Lt. Barnaby Baggins (RBGU), Harvey Daniels, and Pierceton Lamok — of the Children of Darkness. They hold an office just north of the bank and work with the Governor directly to safeguard the citizens of Minoc.

RBG of Britain (RBGB)

This is the second institution of the RBG of great city of Britain.  Capt. Halston Montil, along with Lt. John Anderson head up this chapter.  They work in conjunction with the Governor of Britain, which currently is Lady Pandora de Romanus, to ensure the safety of all nearby citizens.

RBG of Vesper (The Vesper Guard)

The Knights of Solamnia have maintained order and safety of Vesper for well over a decade.  On October of 2010, under then Commander Kanlocke, the Vesper Guard officially joined the RBG as the Vesper regiment. Captain Rodan has since passed the torch to Captain Keenbadger and they engage fully in the activities of the RBG.  Their website is:

RBG of Skara Brae (Rangers of Spiritwood)

New to our server, the Rangers of Spiritwood have taken over the guard of Skara Brae, officially inducted in February of 2014.  A group of tight knit friends from Atlantic have joined the server to engage specifically into the RBG RP theme. Their website is:


Trinsic Protectorates (Purple Guardians of Honor)

Trinsic has an unique situation.  The city has been entrusted to the Purple Guardians of Honor for well over a decade and they service the city as their primary guard.  While they are not part of the RBG, they are Trinsic’s main military defense unit.  I list them here so that anyone wishing to engage in storylines affecting Trinsic knows who to contact.  Their website is: