A Sad Farewell

The funerals began today for the many that lost their lives on board the USS Odyssey.  Earlier in the week the RBG regiments in a combined effort had exceptionally searched, found, fought, and bested Corgul the Soulbinder.  But among our cheers of victory came the sad realization that the crew had not survived the torture that Corgul had put them through,  so tears were shed.   We searched the island far and wide for any sign of prisoners, but among the sands were personal items that we recovered to bring to the families.  Of course Corgul wasn’t concerned with any of such items,  he had wanted souls.  It is souls that feed his power and he’s bound to be hungry once more.

corgul-theopenseaLoading up the USS Gatekeeper, RBG Class A Ship with all our needed supplies, including ammo, we set sail from Vesper after our trip had us search through Covetous to find the Sacrificial Brazier to which we donated one world map and one treasure map. In return, Corgul’s magic sought to give us the location of the hidden island.  The legends were true.  We were joined by the ever-dutiful Rangers of Spiritwood, who serve as the RBG regiment for Skara Brae, and the Vesper Guard.  It was a nice surprise to see the Governor of Vesper himself show up to roll up his sleeves for his citizens.  One of the passengers on the crew had hailed from the city of Vesper. He told me he felt a responsibility to aid in the search as he knew the family.  There had been several crewmates from Skara Brae, from Trinsic, from Britain, from Jhelom, and from Umbra. It was nice to see the Governor so steadfast.

corgul-findingtheislandAs we finally came upon the island and needless to say, Corgul’s forces knew we were not there to deliver any treasure but rather deliver our vengeance.  Quickly the opposing forces surrounded our ship, but having the best archers in the Kingdom proved them to be no match for us. They were quickly dispatched.  But waves and waves of them just kept coming at us.  It seems there was no end to the depth of souls that Corgul had accumulated.  We had finally pushed through enough to debark the Gatekeeper.  We spread out and cleared through to the center were Corgul was guarded by even more soulbound pirates.

corgul-fightingthemonsterBut soon enough we were faced toe to toe with the legend himself…. Corgul the Soulbinder. I noticed it was young Mylar that stood eye to eye and toe to toe with him first, demanding the release of her countrymen and those he held captive.  I was pleasantly surprise to see the courage of this young lady, she had suffered such treacherous deception at the hands of Xanthus Razele, yet she still had a heart of gold and a devotion to her cause.  Her spirit was unbroken.  Between her, the Governor Chaos, and VG Rachel York, Corgul’s hands were kept busy.  The rest of us ensured the waves of soulbound were dealt with.  I took position of aid in the back, ensuring our troops would have appropriate medical care.

corgul-fightinghispiratesSlow and steady and with many patch ups under our belt, we finally depleted Corgul of his life force and forced him to sink into the sands, bested but not dead. Creatures like he do not die, just…. what’s the word I seek… hibernate.  But none the less, we now had free reign of the island he had left behind.  It was time to do a thorough search.

While no visible place on the island was clear to hold any prisoners, the RBG regiments scoured to find any clues.  Many of us found personal items of the crew.  We knew then that their fate had seen them to the doors of Valhalla. *sighs* There had been little we could have done differently.

The items recovered were…

  • A bloody satchel, with the initials A.M. inside there is a wedding ring with the inscription reading:  “Arthur and Veronica”.
  • A dirty, blood stained shirt with the tag sewn to read: “USS Odyssey, #456”, nearby a small hand-drawn picture of a young woman holding two small children.
  • A ruined necklace broken and bent, carrying a locket. Upon opening it there is a small lithograph of a man, the inscription reads: “To my beloved Martha, carry me with you always. – John”.
  • A torn up letter, written in what seems to be elegant writing like those of nobles, the letter begins, “My dear Lord Bennett, my heart shall never stop beating for you. My soul is to be taken, but never my heart.  My adventures brought me great joy… ”  trailing off where the letter was torn.
  • A small parchment with illegible writing, but one word stands out.  “Vesper”.
  • A large battle axe was also recovered, of fine crating skill bearing the symbol of the city of Trinsic.

corgul-drydockingatyewI was placed in charge of delivering these items to their owners’ families.  And thus as we docked to the city of Yew, we gathered up our strength. Bruised and beaten but not broken, we still definitely felt the sting of the loss of our countrymen.  A sudden sadness came over us, and a moment of silence was had for the lost souls of the USS Odyssey.


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