A Request of the Navy

vesperIts time to put this pirate business to an end.  I will have to seek out our brothers-in-arms, the Royal Britannian Navy of Vesper, to help us in capturing this criminal and send him to trial for the crimes he has committed against the Royal Guard.  Once captured, he will be charged with Murder in the 1st degree of Jailor Kenneth Bates, Guard Ragnor Kain, and Guard Louis Garcia.  If we capture some of his crewmates that orchestrated his prison break, they’ll also be charged with the same. A trial will be set, a punishment will be dealt, and families will get closure.

I’ll be sure to send my best Guards along with RBN’s crew to help in his capture along with the official Arrest Warrant, a copy that was sent to the Crown’s office.

My dear brothers-in-arms,

I come to you with a heavy heart.  A prisoner that was being held for transport and extradition to Jhelom on charges of pirating was broken out by his crewmates in an invasion of our prison. They killed the jailor, Kenneth Bates and two guards Ragnor Kain and Louis Garcia, part of our brotherhood, leaving one family destitute without a father and two other families without their brother.

We have sought the assistance of the Governor of the Lair here in Umbra, who has leased the docks of South Jhelom, but they are not Guards and I fear putting them in any danger. I need experienced, formidable Guards to help us. As the moon of Malas has no water, we do not have a Navy, so you are the most logical choice. We need a crew, and a Captain to lead, that can bring these criminals to justice.

I have include the formal arrest warrant documentation and would send along some of our best Guard to cooperate with you in the search and capture. Please write back and let us know when we can arrange this collaborative effort between our two regiments.


Capt. Kalmar Erikkson
RBG of Umbra

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