A Report Sent to the King

I have submitted my report to the King along with our Training Procedural.


Your Highness,

As promised, I have put my best lieutenant, Lt. Barnaby Baggins, in charge of the patrols of Minoc.  His initial report, along with that of our sentry, Sty. August Rush, was alarming to say the least. It pains me to see my homeland in such disarray.

In speaking with Capt. Julian Lefleur, captain of the RBG of Minoc and an old friend, Lt. Baggins gathered that since the “Great Divide” guards have been scarce. Only he and one other RBG remain in the town, a sergeant by the name of Sgt. Arlin Spencer.

Without the proper appointment of a Governor for Minoc, they are left without proper representation and it seems that the city has all but gone broke since the attacks have heightened. They have enlisted some of the younger, more capable citizens as protempore guards but they are lacking in proper training and equipment. The blacksmiths of the town seem to have left the town in search of more protected cities that they can do business with, thus leaving the city’s equipment handles to apprentices or even some of miners, with what little they know, to fashion swords, shields, kryss’, and the like.

It is our initial belief that orcs are at play here. There has been three miners injured and one reported death at a temporary camp and much evidence to the fact that orcs strangled this poor old miner to death. Named, John Baptiste. Without properly trained and equipped guards, they are now encroaching on the city. The Captain stated that he believes something is driving the orcs out of their normal hunting grounds, which is the dungeon of Covetous, and forcing them to seek resources in nearby areas like Cove and Minoc.

My recommendations, your excellency, is to continue the Umbra regiment’s patrol of the city until it stabilizes. I would then recruit some Royal Guards to serve under Capt. Lefleur, perhaps even replacing him once his retirement is up which according to him is not quite soon enough. My Guards m’lord can certainly see to their training. I have included a copy of our training procedural with this letter for your review. Next, we must do something about the equipment of the current guards. I have taken the liberty to send a letter to Marius de Romanus, the Governor of the Lair, to see what assistance they may be able to send to the city in the manner of funds, perhaps equipment. They are quite wealthy you see and always willing to help.

As for Mr. Bapitste, the family has been left destitute since the man’s death and have not been able to afford a proper burial. I will graciously and humbly help the family with this grave task and make sure their debts are paid and the children are fed and clothed.


Capt. Kalmar Erikkson,
RBG of Umbra

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