A Letter to Marius

*a parchment of fine quality, stamped with the seal of the Royal Guard*

Governor Marius de Romanus
The City of Vamp’s Lair, Umbra
August 16th, 2013

Our esteemed Governor,

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you, old friend.  My homeland of Minoc is in dire straights. Attacks on miners by what appears to be Orcs encroaching on the city have left it destitute. Its coffers are empty, its guards are ill-equipped, and worst of all there is no Governor to sit on the council to properly communicate the city’s needs to the Crown.

I know you were there at the last Governor’s Council when reports of attacks were spoken to the King. Well what we’ve found out is there is someone or something that has driven the Orcs from the depths of Covetous, where they have reigned for some time. Now they are in need of resources, thus spreading from Cove over to Minoc.  I’ve already sent a full report to the King myself, with some recommendations. One of those was to train their local guards and assist my old comrade, Captain Julian Lefleur, get a better handle on the perimeter defense. I have asked one of my best Lieutenants, one yours actually, Barnaby Baggins, to head up those efforts. The other was to see how we could help raise money to fatten the coffers of the city, more specifically the Miner’s Guild, so that these guards can be properly equipped.

That’s the task I come to you with.  No one can do fund raises better than your clan, but if time eludes you perhaps just throwing around some thoughts or ideas would be just as beneficial. I am willing to help with anything we can help with for my home town. My niece was recently appointed as the President of the Trade and Commerce Commission of Minoc, perhaps I could send her over to you when its most continent. Let me know.  I really could use your help!


Capt. Kalmar Erikkson,
RBG of Umbra

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